Friday, July 20, 2012


Incoming mail,

Outgoing mail,

Outgoing mail..
Some of the envelopes are the ones I made a while ago.
“Feel Good” was actually a fabric card my mother made but she decided she didn’t like so I glued “Feel Good” …I don’t know how I feel about mod podge on fabric though. You can buy her cards here:
The flower drawing is a collagraph I made earlier this year, I didn’t let the paper soak for long enough so I decided to go over it with color pencil so the image would show. I am sending it as a postcard (it’s addressed and stamped on the back).
Some of my screen prints, linocuts and collagraphs are for sale here:

So I have aquired a lot of new penpals after starting my snail mail blog on tumblr. I don't know how I am keeping track of everything seeing I am so disorganized. My life goal is to be organized but that will never happened. This is how my desk has looked for the past week...

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