Thursday, July 5, 2012


I went to Claremont to see their annual 4th of July parade. It was actually really nice. I don't know why we have never gone, it's literally 5 minutes away from my house. They also have a firework show inside the college but it's not free to we went up to Mt. Baldy to see all the fireworks in the IE. 

Having a holiday on a Wednesday really throws everyone off though. Today felt like Monday! At least it's Friday tomorrow. 

Today I took out my mini sewing machine and made some envelopes. I hope the lace doesn't fall apart.

I have a small stack of mail I haven't replied to so I might just use my new envelopes on that. 

I love waiting for the mail the day after a holiday, it's like twice as much mail!
All the postcards are from my momma-in-law, who went to go visit a friend in Arizona last week. She always sends me postcards when she goes on trips. 

So last year I was really into signing up for free stuff and coupons. I haven't really done much of that lately but I am still receiving stuff. I ended up winning two contests this past week, I don't even remember signing up for them. 
I won a fancy medicated lotion and lip moisturizer,

and nail polish,

I also finished my first embroidery this week! I want to keep making more.

Tomorrow is Postcard Day! A lot of people have been signing up, I am excited to pick a winner! 


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