Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I can't believe July is over. Summer is almost over! NO!

I don't think I accomplished a lot on my summer to-do list. The whole idea of having a summer to-do list is enough to discourage me to do it.

Anyways, currently I am working on an embroidery and maybe i'll have it done by tonight. As for mail, I think I need to do some organization to get back into the swing of things. I look at my desk and think "ugh, maybe later.."

Here is the only outgoing mail I have made within the last two weeks..

 all the postcards are for a swap-bot swap...

Incoming mail...

Friday, July 20, 2012


Incoming mail,

Outgoing mail,

Outgoing mail..
Some of the envelopes are the ones I made a while ago.
“Feel Good” was actually a fabric card my mother made but she decided she didn’t like so I glued “Feel Good” …I don’t know how I feel about mod podge on fabric though. You can buy her cards here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/85506570/floral-fabric-blank-cards
The flower drawing is a collagraph I made earlier this year, I didn’t let the paper soak for long enough so I decided to go over it with color pencil so the image would show. I am sending it as a postcard (it’s addressed and stamped on the back).
Some of my screen prints, linocuts and collagraphs are for sale here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ManitasDeGato

So I have aquired a lot of new penpals after starting my snail mail blog on tumblr. I don't know how I am keeping track of everything seeing I am so disorganized. My life goal is to be organized but that will never happened. This is how my desk has looked for the past week...

Thursday, July 12, 2012


This week sure went by fast compared to last weeks. I have been busy working on our businesses this week since I finally got motivation to do stuff.

I haven't worked on my mail this week but here is some of the incoming mail I received since my last post...

Last week I went to the thrift store and found this book..
what a great book! i have never been such a to-do list making person because I have found it only gives me more anxiety when I see everything I have to do written down on paper. But the book also gives you a lot of DIY List Ideas too! 
I think I am going to get more into the list making mode.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I went to Claremont to see their annual 4th of July parade. It was actually really nice. I don't know why we have never gone, it's literally 5 minutes away from my house. They also have a firework show inside the college but it's not free to we went up to Mt. Baldy to see all the fireworks in the IE. 

Having a holiday on a Wednesday really throws everyone off though. Today felt like Monday! At least it's Friday tomorrow. 

Today I took out my mini sewing machine and made some envelopes. I hope the lace doesn't fall apart.

I have a small stack of mail I haven't replied to so I might just use my new envelopes on that. 

I love waiting for the mail the day after a holiday, it's like twice as much mail!
All the postcards are from my momma-in-law, who went to go visit a friend in Arizona last week. She always sends me postcards when she goes on trips. 

So last year I was really into signing up for free stuff and coupons. I haven't really done much of that lately but I am still receiving stuff. I ended up winning two contests this past week, I don't even remember signing up for them. 
I won a fancy medicated lotion and lip moisturizer,

and nail polish,

I also finished my first embroidery this week! I want to keep making more.

Tomorrow is Postcard Day! A lot of people have been signing up, I am excited to pick a winner!