Friday, June 22, 2012


Yesterday my family and I scheduled a tour at Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex in Ft. Irwin. We ended up getting lost inside Ft. Irwin and being were an hour late to our tour. It was so embarrassing but we ended up getting a private tour in the end. I guess it's really interesting if you're into that kinda stuff, we just went because my brother enjoys it.

We got to go inside of it and in the tunnels.

Personally, I was more excited I caught this guy on camera...

Then we headed to Vegas since we were already half way there. It was 108' degrees so we stayed in the casinos. My brother and I found $10 in quarters! 

So aside from my very short/spontaneous road trip, I have been really good at keeping up with my incoming and outgoing mail. 
Today I received this from someone in Russia (was it from someone who reads this blog?). It was such a nice surprise. I love the leaf, it's hard to believe its autumn on the other side of the world right now.

 My boyfriend's parents sent me so many postcards! Two are from Nevada, a Northern California one and two vintage ones from different areas here in California.

So even though I am still working very hard on my Mail Art 365 project, I am always interested in new projects. I have come across this amazing mail project called Dear Teacher 
It is like postsecret but with a twist! It is " an ongoing mail art project offering people the opportunity to express feelings which often go unsaid between students and their teachers"

They also have a tumblr!

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